Feel Like a God by Playing Viking Themed Slot Viking Gods: Thor and Loki by Playson

Viking Themed Slot

Viking cultures and clans have a wonderfully rich historical imprint that is still being researched. Vikings represent a big portion of our past, which is why so many people relish the topic. You may enjoy Viking-themed movies, TV shows, literature, and slot machines.

There are several Vikings-themed slots available on the online slot market, with Vikings Gods: Thor and Loki by Playson being one of the most popular due to the siblings’ cat and mouse relationship. If you plan to play this slot machine, here are a few things you should know about it.


About Playson

Before delving into the game’s specifics, it’s usually a good idea to understand the developer’s background. Playson is one of the most proficient game developers that created “Viking Gods: Thor and Loki.” It is a premier game developer that provides creative, unique content in over 18 controlled locations and beyond, with over 80 casino games evaluated and licensed for all main European controlled areas. They also provide various options for gamers to take advantage of and make their gaming experience more engaging.

About the game

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki is a beautifully crafted Vikings-themed slot with a five reel, 15 pay line gaming system. If you’re lucky and Loki or Thor land amid the reels, celebrate because they deliver extra wilds or can even trigger bonus elements. The game is playable on practically all electronic platforms, and the betting limits range from 30p to £105 per spin, with free spins awarded when sticky wilds appear.

The theme of the game

Because this game is based on the Vikings, you can expect it to be thrilling. Furthermore, Playson is well-known for providing high-quality graphics in their games, which enhances the game’s realism. The game’s graphics are outstanding, depicting the Viking Gods, Thor and Loki, known as the Gods of Thunder and Mischief, respectively. A glaciated Viking town, apparently in some unknown Fjord, serves as the background, and every game element is visible in breathtaking detail.

RTP and additional features

The RTP of the game is 96.8 per cent, which is quite impressive for players who gamble their luck on this slot game. Thor and Loki appeal to individuals who enjoy gaming that incorporates both classic and unusual components.

The game contains many interesting elements, including the Viking Gods feature and the Thor and Loki free spins feature. However, when no element gets worked up, the main game still is enjoyable, but as soon as wilds, scatters, or other special symbols or functions show up on the reels, it ends up getting to pretty much the entire different level.

To sum it up

With its elevated layout and a good assortment of options, Playson has developed an outstanding game. The artwork is fantastic, and there’s booming music to follow your turns, giving the game a fittingly dramatic atmosphere. The features also add up nicely, making it a slot you want to master.